Here are a few reasons you should really buy my book

Why the book may be worth reading

The Holidays are coming up, so what better time then now, to gift the gift of wisdom and inspiration; my book that is. Pretentious, you say? Well yes, but bear with me. A single sentence can change a life and for me that came from a colleague, some 17 years ago. It set me on course to financial freedom and early retirement at the age of 43. So why would my book be worth reading?

Besides satisfying your curiosity about how I became financially free and managed to retire so young, the book “how to become a millionaire in 10 years, and how we did it in 13” is filled with useful information such as how:

  • I managed to grow my salary by 1185% as a salaried employee.
  • lost over a $70,000 on bad stock investments and recovered (And how you can skip this step).
  • We thought we lived below our means and still managed to cut over $20,000 from our expenses. I itemize how we saved that and more.
  • I made some bad moves, costing me dearly. Including financial  decisions made, when I shouldn’t have. My book gets up close and personal.
  • If I had applied my current investment strategy from day one, I would have had some $110,000 more in my portfolio the day I retired. You’d be shocked how easy investing has become for me.

If you can make a fraction of what I made, based on the strategies I applied, it would be worth reading the book.

If you can prevent losing a fraction of what I’ve lost over the years, by learning from my mistakes, it would be worth reading the book.

Read the book and you be the judge.


Good luck reaching your financial goals.



About Maarten van Lier

Maarten came to this country with a suitcase and a diploma. He created a financial plan and goal to become a millionaire in 10 years. He successfully turned his financial goals into reality, wrote a book about it and now blogs actively in hope of inspiring other to do the same.