Welcome to Million in 10

I still can’t believe I did it. After 20 years of working as a Software and systems architect, having designed and implemented software for over 60 customers including over 20 fortune 500 companies, after having worked with household names like Coca Cola, CVS Caremark, Bank of America and Symantec and American Express, After having worked in industries varying from Insurance, Financials, Pharma, government all the way to truck manufacturing, I resigned mid 2014 for a well-deserved break.

Why did I do it? Well because I could.  Whilst working for some of the biggest financial institutions in the world I didn’t ignore my own finances. Some 14 years ago I came up my own plan. My goal: To become a millionaire in 10 years.

Welcome to first of I hope many entries on my blog in which I which I will discuss topics from my published book “How to make a million in 10 years” subtitled: “and how we did it in 13”. I will use this blog to discuss some of the ways we got us where we are. I will write about how I came to be on the path of growing such wealth, how I came up with a plan and how we executed on it. In the process I may also bust some myths about what it means to be a millionaire.

My main goal for this blog is to share my experience and possibly inspire you to do something similar. The “Million in 10” name of this blog and the book title should not be taken too literally. One million in 10 years happened to be my goal. It doesn’t have to be yours exactly. Your goal maybe more modest or your goal may go way beyond that. The book “How to make a million in 10 years” is my story of getting there. It is autobiographical but the principals that got us to becoming millionaires can be applied to your lofty or less lofty financial goals.

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I naturally also invite you to purchase the book. Read more about in in the The Book section of this blog.  It is available in print and as eBook through Amazon.