My Book

I’ve learned money  can’t buy me happiness but now that I have it I sure pays for a good night’s sleep.

This is my story and it could be yours.

Would you like to sleep better too?


 “How to make a million in 10 cover_front_page_306years; and how we did it in 13″ is my first book with Flying Dutchman Publishing. It chronicles the execution of my 10 year plan to become a millionaire. This is not a get rich quick scheme as the title indicates. This is my story. Witty, honest and sometimes even depressing but hopefully most of all inspiring for you to do something similar. The book will cover the ups and downs I experienced both in my financial as well as personal live and will make clear the two can’t always be separated.  Even though this book is a  personal look into 13 years of my life, many of the lessons learned, plans that were make and mistakes made are brought to the surface and can now be avoided by you and  help you in your quest to do the same.

You as a reader and aspiring millionaire can take away many lessons from this book. It will cover in details items such as:

  • Investment strategies that I applied and the lessons I learned from them.

    Knowing what I know now and having put to the test what I know now, you’ll be amazed at the final lesson I learned. It would have yielded me at least $100,000 more had it applied it from day one.

  • Common and less common mistakes you can now avoid.

    Like most other investors out there I’ve been in the grip of greed and have had to let go of some of the blinders that  led me to some serious capital losses. I can’t promise you won’t do the same as it seems to be in our nature. Maybe some of my mistakes will stick with you and make you pause before you make your next move.

  • How to cut your spending in many easy and some creative ways.

    We never lived beyond our means but when push came to shove I was still able to take off $20,000 from our annual budget.

  • how to get what you deserve and knowing when and how to ask for it.

    According to government statistics, based on the average salary increases over the last 15 years, I should have been making $105,000.00 the day I took my extended break in June of 2014. I didn’t, I made a lot more. If you’re not an average employee you shouldn’t settle for average raises. I’ll talk about how I was able to increase my income and will also offer some alternatives should me way not apply to you.



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