That’s right, I got these at the Library

When’s the last time you’ve set foot in a library? It’s been while for me. I was there some time ago to see my 7 year old’s art exhibit. My wife on the other hand goes there at least twice a weak. My wife loves to read and gets most books from the library. Oh, and while she’s there she texts me with a list of movies I might like to see.

Yes, libraries are still there and you can still get paper books and magazines but the Library nowadays is so much more. Today I’m going to hone in on one of those. Did you know you can borrow movies at the Library?

If you did know but thought you can only get a beat up copy of Forest Gump or an early release of Suzanne Summer’s workout tape, you are sorely mistaken. Here is the list of movies I got from the library in the last few weeks:

  • John Wick (iTunes: $19.99)Yes, I got these
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (iTunes: $14.99)
  • Lucy (iTunes: $19.99)
  • Godzilla (iTunes: $17.99)
  • Insurgent (that’s right and if it sucks I won’t lose a penny) (iTunes: $19.99)
  • The Equalizer (iTunes: $17.99)

All for free, all from the Library. These are the kind of movies that I used to shell out $9.99 for to add to my iTunes library (probably not for Insurgent).

I currently have about 65 movies in my iTunes library and although I’ve rarely paid $19.99 for any of them, I’m still looking at probably $660.00 worth of movies. The sad part is I don’t even own them. I can’t turn around and sell these on eBay when I grow tired of them. Heck my kids won’t even get them when I die. I think I’m just paying for the right to watch, not to own.

So saving’s tip as a side note: Never pay the full $19.99 for a movie on iTunes. Eventually they will come down (except for those Marvel movies). All it takes is patience and keeping an eye out for the weekly offers.

Much better savings advice would be to go to your local library and see what they have there. If you’re used to buying your movies you’ll save a ton. If you are used to going to the Red Box or renting from iTunes, Amazon or whatever other outlet, you still stand to save a lot by getting them for ABSOLUTELY FREE from the library.

Oh and while you’re there, check out what else the Library has to offer. You may be surprised. Times are changing but the Library does its best to adapt. Here are some of the services my local Library provides:

  • Lectures by public speakers on topics ranging from Paranormal investigators of Milwaukee, Kenya’s cultural explosion and intelligent investing.
  • Board Game night
  • Free internet access
  • Book groups
  • Downloadable eBooks and Audio books
  • Meeting rooms
  • Study rooms
  • Story times for the little ones
  • Lego Club (probably also for the little ones)

Hope to see you soon at your local Library. If not to learn, at least to save. In the meantime: good luck reaching your financial goals.

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