Optical Financial Illusions

Welcome to the section called  optical financial illusions. From time to time I will feature an item and write why I believe it to be a optical financial illusion. What is a financial optical illusion you may ask? Well I coined that phrase to be quite literal. Option financial illusions occur when items are so optically pleasing that one can’t help but desire it, knowing full well that it makes ABSOLUTELY NO FINANCIAL sense to buy one.

Optical illusions are mostly created for the very few that can actually be tricked by it

and afford it. Unfortunately there are generally many of us that get tricked in getting them even when we can’t afford them. An example of those would be McMansions, you know the giant yet gorgeous looking houses we were all told (and allowed by banks) to buy back in 2007. We were able to buy yet we all know where that led, a whole lot of foreclosures.


All the items featured and whether or not they are an optical financial illusion are purely my opinion. You may bring forth plenty of reasons why they’re not an illusion so please feel free to leave you’re opinion. I look forward to the feedback.

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