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Calculate the savings you could make by switching to LED lights around your house. The upfront cost of LED lights may be daunting but in the long run they really make up for in savings. The calculator below lets you capture in great detail all the lights you use around your house. It will use your electricity price (or uses a default) and replaces each incandescent light bulb with its equivalent LED.OnlineLED

After you’ve entered all the room information you can change additional parameters such as electricity prices, LED pricing and bulb longevity or simply scroll down to the Click here to see savings button. Don’t worry this won’t take you to some other page asking for your firstborn’s name. The savings will appear under the button. It shows you how much you will save over the time of the plan and breaks it down to savings per month. It also gives you the upfront cost associated with switching to LED. Upfront cost and replacement costs are included in the savings.

If you find entering all rooms may be too daunting, simply enter the bulbs for one room and the hours they run. You’ll find the saving there alone may be worth entering all rooms (you can click the “see the savings” as often as you like).

for each room enter light bulbs and how long they’re on
40 watt 60 watt 75 watt 100 watt 150 watt hours/day
bath 1
bath 2
bath 3
extra 1
extra 2
extra 3
Savings parameters
cost/kWh ($) you can find this on your bill
years to measure
life Incandescent (hours)
life LED (hours)
Total Savings $0.00
Savings per Month $0.00
Incandescent LED
upfront cost $0.00 $0.00
replacement cost $0.00 $0.00
Operating cost (includes upfront/replacement cost) $0.00 $0.00

The following “assumptions were made to calculate these savings. You can change these assumption and run the calculation again for different results. Simply change some of the pricing and conversion numbers and click “Click here to see Savings” to see the new results.

Cost Incandescent/LED
Watt Incandescent LED
40 check prices
60 check prices
75 check prices
100 check prices
150 check prices
LED wattage equivalent to its Incandescent bulbs
Incandescent LED guide
40 Watt converts to Watt 4 to 5
60 Watt converts to Watt 6 to 8
75 Watt converts to Watt 9 to 13
100 Watt converts to Watt 16 to 20
150 Watt converts to Watt 25 to 28


Thank you for using the Millionin10 LED Savings calculator. I have an excel version of this calculator available for download should you be interested. You can download that calculator Excel LED Savings calculator.

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