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Curious what it takes to retire? You can now download the comprehensive excel Millionin10 Retirement Calculator™. It will show you what it takes to retire. The spreadsheet will capture over 20 parameters that you can alter (think of them as dials that you can turn up and down). Best part yet IT IS FREE!!!!


As you capture the initial parameters ranging from date of birth, start of plan and intended retirement age, a graph will show you exactly what funds will be available to you at time of retirement. When retirement kicks in, it will automatically start deducting money from your accounts based on your expenses (inflation adjusted).

Here are some of the features:

  • Captures all relevant information needed to calculate your retirement needs like:
    • Date of birth
    • life expectancy
    • retirement date (early if needed)
    • current living expenses
    • start date of your retirement plan
    • starting balances for your cash, stock and retirement accounts.
    • Place holder for other assets (that could potentially be used in case other accounts deplete)
    • Expected monthly investments in stock
    • Expected monthly cash savings
  • It will calculate your balances in cash, stock and retirement accounts based on monthly deposits
  • account_totalsIt calculates your 401(k) contributions based on salary, corporate matching and anticipated annual salary increases
  • It will cap off your 401(k) contributions based on what cap you enter (currently $17,500).
  • The calculator keeps track of the date you can start deducting from your 401(k) at age 59.5 It does this based on your date of birth.
  • It will track your annual expenses and increases these based on anticipated inflation.
  • On the date you indicate you will retire it will
    • First start deducting your monthly expenses from your cash account
    • When cash depletes it will start deducting your monthly expenses from your stock account.
    • When stock accounts deplete it will start deducting from your 401(k) accounts (unless you have not reached the legal age for deducting from your 401(k)
  • It will indicate whether your plan succeed or fails.
  • Plan will fail because:
    • Your cash and/or stock deplete prior to the age at which you can deduct from your 401(k).
    • You retirement accounts will deplete prior to the end of the plan (date of birth plus life expectancy).


Btw, you may want to read 10 factors to consider planning for retirement for some background on this calculator.

Before you download a couple of ground rules:

  • The spreadsheet is built using Microsoft Excel 2010 (not included), I can’t guarantee compatibility with other versions. If you would like to see this in Open Office Calc, let me know. If I get enough requests I’ll try to convert it to that.
  • The spreadsheet is locked, you can only alter the parameters needed for all relevant calculations. Try this one first, if you would like the unlocked version you can purchase it here. This would come in handy for those that wish to expand on this spreadsheet.
  • The spreadsheet uses code to automatically update the graph as you change the dials. When opening the sheet you will be asked to enable content/macros, answer yes in order to get the automatic updates on your graph.macro_enabled
  • This download is free and has been implemented to the best of our ability. It may contain bugs in which case we would love to hear about them.
  • By downloading this calculator you agree to occasionally get email updates regarding this or other downloads.
  • It’s been brought to my attention that older versions of IE don’t immediately download the email download. I recommend using a different default browser but you can also read more on that here IE9 won’t let email attachment download?
  • All parameters are assumptions and do not reflect reality. This sheet does not control inflation nor can it predict returns on the market. Investing in stock and mutual funds come with risk. You should always seek advice from a professional financial adviser prior to making investments. I am NOT a professional nor certified financial adviser.
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