Wait, what? Why is there a page for Depression on a Personal Finance Blog? That’s right, no mistake; Welcome to the Million in 10 page dedicated to depression. The Personal Finance Blog is my blog about our path to reach our financial goal. On that path I suffered a crippling depression that lasted for years. Proving the adage that Money does not make happy but also illustration that life doesn’t end when suffering from such a debilitating disease.

From time to time I will write about my experience with and thoughts about depression. Have a look at the articles posted. If you have thoughts of your own on what you read, I invite you to leave a comment on the post and I will reply as promptly as possible.

I want to make clear: I am in no position to help you directly with depression, should you or someone close to you suffer.  If you are in need of help RIGHT NOW please call 1 (800) 273-8255 or check out the


Should you want to read more about my struggle with depression, I recommend you buy my book “How to make a Million in 10, and how we did it in 13