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I’ve been in the United States for over 20 years and I still haven’t taken the step of taking on American Citizenship. Why? In a nutshell: Education. Not for me (mine served me fine), but for my children. By clinging on to my Dutch citizenship, I keep the door open for my kids to get their advanced education in Europe. Why? Because, even if at par with the US, it comes at a fraction of the price. Tuition at any college/university in the Netherlands is around $2,300 annually. Is college that much different? Are colleges and Universities better in the […]

Education experienced elsewhere

The following guest post comes to you from Drew Cloud, Founder and owner of The Student Loan Report  When it comes to repaying your student loans, separating fact from fiction can sometimes be a little difficult. Some can make you think twice about paying your loans as quickly as possible. It’s time to dispel some of these student loan repayment myths once and for all. Student Loans Don’t Affect Your Credit Score. Student loans can have a positive and negative effect on your credit score. As you repay your loans, your debt-to-income ratio will get smaller and that means your credit […]

These Student Loan Repayment Myths Are Holding You Back From ...