Healthcare and the insurance to pay for it, is screwed up. While most of you are shopping for toys for Christmas, I just spent the morning on the phone ordering Diabetes supplies for the remainder of the year. Only in America can a basic human right (health that is) be handled so wrong. By the numbers Here is how the system is screwed up: Today, putting in my last order for the year, I just reached one of the individual deductibles on our policy.  so lets look at the balance. The insurance company this year charged: Me: $577 * 12 […]

A screwed up tale of American Healthcare

Well, I would have liked to have written this with nothing but good stuff that happened this year, but I can’t. 2016 may well go down in memory for us as the worst year of our lives. Yes, financially things have been great, early retirement is now two and a half years in and going strong but 2016 is also the year that our 6 year old son was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. An autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system systematically attacks the pancreas no longer leaving it able to create insulin. Our six-year-old now needs to […]

2016 in Review, spoiler alert: for us it sucked!!

I took the Marketplace Economic Anxiety Index test to see how I feel about the economy and my score was 7. My anxiety was way below that of the average of 37 for those in my age group. It made me believe the test says more about me as a person than about the economy (although there is a correlation about how people feel about economy that affects the economy). It’s not like I went through the test fearless. The 7 point probably came from the fact that I’m a little afraid to not be able to pay for my kid’s colleges […]

My Economic Anxiety Index went from 73 to 7

There we have it, another year has passed and an interesting one it has been for us. This was the year I started this blog. It has been the first full year that I’ve been off of work and as a result we’ve tried to live by a fairly strict budget. We’ve had a shitty stock market and some serious medical expenses come our way but in the end we’re all doing just fine. The Blog It has been a year of blogging and writing for both me and my wife. January of this year I started this blog […]

Millionin10 2015 in review

As enrollment for next years health insurance has started for most, the saga of our medical bills continues. As I’m posting this we’ll be taking our son in for followup surgery to his elbow, for removal of pins (ICD-10 Z47.2). For those of you who follow this blog (if not, now would be good time to subscribe), some time ago our son broke his elbow (ICD-10 S52.601A) and required surgery to nail it all back in place. It was only after that, I found out what our deductible truly was. Not the individual deductible of $6,400 but instead the family […]

Despite the high cost, I’m still getting Health Insurance

The easy answer is: If you are in a flood zone and have a mortgage your lender will insist on it. But, how do they know you’re in the flood zone? Better question yet, are you really in it? When I initially started writing about this I thought this won’t apply to any of my readers. Turns out there are actually 5.3 homes in the US with flood coverage.  Who knew? Approximately $14,000.00 is what we’ve paid over the last 8 years for FEMA flood insurance. We were the unlucky ones that had their property redrawn into the flood zone […]

Do you need Flood Insurance?

For those of you who follow my blog I’m sure my post on Shop around for health care, really? is fresh in your memory. If not, check it out but the short of it is that, my son broke his elbow 4 weeks ago and required surgery. I was frustrated by the myth that high deductibles will make people shop around and vented my thoughts on it. like my son’s cast above has changed from bright orange to somber black, so has my mood. In the original article I mentioned a health insurance deductible of $6,700 I was guaranteed to […]

My health insurance deductible is what???

So our health insurance’s high deductibles are supposed to make us more conscious of pricing and have us shop around for the best prices… Bulls@#!! You’ll be given the example of how an x-ray costs 75 bucks at one provider and $350 at the next. CT scans at $2,000 at one provider and $500 at the next. When do you need an x-ray? That’s right, in most cases when you are in really urgent need of one. Your heart stopped beating so let’s do some price comparisons. Yes, there is a wide variety of pricing from one healthcare provider to […]

Shop around for health care, really?