We’ve all heard it once, “I’m working at Crate & Barrel just to get the 10% discount”.  Many in retail make full use of the discounts their employer provides. Retail isn’t the only one offering perks though. Corporate America is big in getting you perks. I’m not talking about the free logo-infested polo shirts or cheesy slogan-laced stress balls. I’m talking about serious discounts on a new DELL or cheap airfare using your corporate travel agent. Soon after I left my corporate job, I had two regrets. I should have refinanced while I still had a paycheck (not relevant to […]

Employee Discounts

Planning for retirement is not as easy as you think it might be. I’m not talking about whether you’ll go fishing or grow a vegetable garden. I’m talking about getting to retirement with enough funds to last you a lifetime. If you want to skip all the reading and go straight for the FREE Millionin10 Retirement Calculator™ click here. Following is a set of factors that play an important role in getting to that successful retirement (all adjustable in the Free Millionin10 Retirement Calculator™) Date of Birth: Obvious one right? Yes but important nonetheless. If you plan to work till […]

10 factors to consider planning for retirement

It’s been more than a year now since I left my job to write my book, the one about how I became a millionaire. Life is good, there is little stress and spending time with my family is great. Some people assume I’m retired and for a while stopped arguing otherwise. Not this time though, let’s argue for a minute. Why is it that I’m pondering going back to work? Is it money? well… yes and no. I’m still a millionaire and as a matter of fact my portfolio is slightly larger than it was the day I quit. So […]

Why I’m not in early retirement (yet)

They tell you, over and over again, not to quit your day job when considering writing a book. With “they” I mean everybody and with “over and over again” I mean over and over and over again. I like to think of myself as someone who pays attention but oops, I did quit my day job…. It’s coming up on a year now since I quit and I have no regrets. I managed to write a book How to make a million in 10 years and get it published. Am I retired now? No. As financially sound as my situation […]

Don’t quit your day job, wait what?