3D Printing

And this is on a personal finance blog, why?? It so happens, that’s how I keep busy during my early retirement. You could say it’s a symptom of Personal Finance. Symptoms which exhibit itself entirely different for each accomplished PFr. Some travel, some deal with chemical toilets, from under their tiny houses (they never seem to mention that touting, tiny houses) and some build 3D Printers. There’s no real lesson in here on how to retire early but I do keep getting amazed about how I could save more money. The savings mentioned below go beyond building 3D printers but […]

Just finished my latest 3D printer build

I realize retirement isn’t for everybody. We all know the stories of “Bob” retiring and him withering away, sitting in front of the window only to die 5 years later. Some people live to work and when you love your work, kudos to you. Some people will flourish in retirement. I think I belong to the latter. Busy in Retirement I’m over three years into retirement, keeping busy doing the things I really love. Prior to retirement I built my own CNC machine. It wasn’t a success but I loved doing it nonetheless. Since then I’ve been building my own […]

Keeping Busy by Giving Back using 3D Printing