Welcome to the Million in 10 Calculators page. Here you will find all calculators I will be releasing over time.

Online Prepay Mortgage or Invest first Calculator

This calculator lets you enter your mortgage and expected returns on investments. It will calculate two scenarios for you.

What if I invested first and paid the mortgage as instructed by the bank.

What if I paid off the mortgage first with additional monthly payments and after payoff redirected all payments to investments.

Snowball vs Avalanche method for paying off debt

This calculator won’t make a judgement call as to which one is better. It will capture all your debt along with interest rates and work out the numbers for each of the methods. The calculator will tell you exactly what each method costs. it will leave it up to you to figure which method is best for you.

Online Retirement Calculator

This one is big. My latest calculator is an expanded version of the excel Retirement Calculator. It may very well be the most comprehensive retirement calculator you can find online. It captures information about you and your spouse (if present). It captures/calculates information like:

  • Legal withdrawal age for retirement accounts (Based on dob)
  • Calculates the plan up to the latest surviving spouse
  • Captures current living expenses (at start of plan) and adjusts those for the inflation you specify
  • Capture tax rate that will be applied to your pre-tax accounts once you start withdrawing.
  • It captures your current salary, 401(k) contributions, company match, any expected raises and current 401(k) balance (at start of plan) for both you and your spouse
  • You can add a mortgage should you have one. It’s payments are part of the plan.
  • You can add if you have any children going to college, enter year and exCheck out the most Comprehensivepected tuition. It will be part of the plan
  • You can specify an emergency fund you wish to maintain. Any monthly withdrawal will stop when it starts eating into the EF.
  • If you believe it will be still there, you can add Social Security payments for both you and your spouse. Once you start collecting it will offset the expenses.

Once all (or a set of) that information is captured you can calculate the results. It will present you with a set of observations and gives some recommendations. It will present a graph that you can hover over showing you each years snapshot of your accounts and expenses.

You can even get detailed month to month tables for each of the accounts, expenses and social security if you scroll down further.

Give it a try. Visit the ONLINE RETIREMENT CALCULATOR now. Who knows it may change your life!!


Online LED savings Calculator

This calculator will capture all of the light along with their wattage and hours run daily and calculate for you how much you could save if you switched them to LED. Before using the calculator you may have been shocked by the sticker price for LEDs. Trust me when I tell you you’ll be shocked by how much they will actually save you.

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