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Stick with cable and still save hundreds
What if I told you I saved $720 this year on my cable bill, kept the same channels, increased my internet speed and wait for it… stayed with the same cable company!! If that doesn’t sound good enough, it gets better; all of it took me just an hour of work. It took 15 minutes of research, 20 minutes in the car and 25 minutes in the store. Whenever you read about cutting your budget you inevitably read how we should drop our overrated cable package and save hundreds. Seems a bit drastic, doesn’t it? Here is a little secret […]

Stick with cable and still save hundreds

how to save thousands a year by purchasing membership to your favorite places of entertainment 2
I recently read a post on 10 different ways to waste money on your kids. For some reason the premise of that list doesn’t feel right but regardless, I think I went along with maybe two out of the ten items on the list and questioned the rest. The one that really had me do a double-take said, that one should not to get the family passes as they are a waste of money.

How we save over $4,000 by getting memberships

Article works out the saving (or lack thereof) when purchasing a hybrid assuming 2 dollars per gallon
Average gas prices have dropped down to $2.03 and it certainly doesn’t hurt at the pump as much as it did only one year ago when the average gas price was at $3.28. How does this new reality of low gas prices impact the dollars and cents when it comes to buying a hybrid? In my book I write about how we saved on getting hybrids  (we saved handsomely I might say). At the time I was writing it, gas wasn’t nearly as low as it is now though. Before I get in the new reality let’s look back first. […]

Should I still buy a hybrid?

After announcing my book “how to become a millionaire in 10 years, and how we did it in 13” one of my friends from the Netherlands asked me; would I have done the same had I stayed in the Netherlands? An interesting question that I hadn’t put much thought into. Probably because I knew from a very young age I wouldn’t stay there. The question however could be looked at as a “would’ve/could’ve/should’ve” question. Would’ve First of all, had I stayed in the Netherlands would I have had the desire or seen the need to become a millionaire like I […]

Would’ve could’ve should’ve

I still can’t believe I did it. After 20 years of working as a Software and systems architect, having designed and implemented software for over 60 customers including over 20 fortune 500 companies, after having worked with household names like Coca Cola, CVS Caremark, Bank of America and Symantec and American Express, After having worked in industries varying from Insurance, Financials, Pharma, government all the way to truck manufacturing, I resigned mid 2014 for a well-deserved break. Why did I do it? Well because

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