Love the apple watch but the Apple watch Edition is what I consider an Optical Financial Illusion

Apple watch Edition, Optical financial Illusion? 1

No I’m not an Apple hater; as a matter of fact I love practically every product they put forward. When I could afford them I got pretty much every model of IPad, we swear by the iPhone and 80 percent of our media is streamed through the Apple TV. In short, I love you Apple, despite the fact you’ve become everything the 1984 commercial warned against, I can’t help but admire your products.

Even the Apple watch is something I’m very much tempted by, but in the context of Optical Financial Illusions which is a new category I’m starting on this blog, I have to start with the Apple what Edition.

The Apple Watch Edition is everything the Apple watch is but it features all the metal parts made from 18-karat gold that was especially developed by Apple’s metallurgists to be twice as hard as standard gold. And I admit, it is beautiful!

So here’s the thing about gold watches; they’ve been around for as long as there have been watches. Why, well because you want to show your wealth would have been one reason but more importantly one of the features of gold is that is does not erode, which if your working parts of your watch are of the same quality as the metal you have a time piece that will literally last generations. There is something about passing on your gold

watch to your next generation. For most gold watches you’ll find that they will either hold their value or even increase in value as time goes on. Both because of craftsmanship and the value of gold. What I’m saying is there really is nothing wrong with a gold watch and if you can afford it and want to start the tradition of passing a timepiece through time, by all means.

Then there is the Apple Watch Edition: Starting price $10,000 and I believe it goes up to $17,000 from there. I’m not a watch connoisseur but it seems that price is in line with some of the starting prices for other well known brands like Rolex and Cartier. Those brands have certainly proven themselves to be timeless pieces.

Here’s the thing; the Apple Watch is NOT timeless. As a matter of fact based on every other product Apple has ever put forward it has an EXTREMELY short life span. Apple releases and upgrades its products practically every year. So unless the Apple watch will never change shape, it seems to me that next year when Apple releases Apple Watch II (that will come with a camera, maybe?) your $10,000 Apple Watch Edition will be obsolete. You will have a gold casing with a useless piece of electronics inside. Sure you can use it for a couple more years but your $10,000 will feature half the features Johnny’s $400 apple watch has at half the speed.

This is why Apple Watch Edition has become the first featured product in what I’m surely will be a long list of other Optical Financial Illusions.

Apple Watch EDITION; Optical Financial Illusion?: Absolutely

That said, the regular Apple Watch does have a lot going for it and I will give it a second look everytime I set foot in the Apple Store. If you wan’t cheaper alternatives there are plenty other smart whatches on the market, but like many other alternatives to Apple products, they’re just not the same.

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  • MoneyBaconGuy

    Pretty much put into works what I was thinking. I’m a big apple fan but the Apple Watch Edition seems like a poor use of money based on its value over time. If I ever came around to get an Apple Watch it would be their least expensive model which does everything the Edition model does for less. But first I’m going to buy bacon for a chicken fried bacon recipe I just found.

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