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A little about myself first. I’m a product of the 1970s (the Dutch 70s to be exact). I learned my first English in the 80’s watching The Greatest American Hero.  I used to be a software architect and I recently built my own CNC machine. I think I might be a geek but I never felt like one.

Oh, and in my twenties I met this girl in Paris, ca1-2014-10-27 15.13.25me to her country, married her, had a very successful career in the Business Rules Management Systems space, hatched a plan become wealthy and did just that.

Today I’m 47, a millionaire and 3 years in retirement. I created a plan, adapted my life accordingly, executed that plan and completed it in 2013.

What does one do when retired at 43? Well, write a book and create a blog are some things to do. Since retirement, I’ve spent a lot of time designing/building and perfecting 3D printers (more on this at

Why the Blog? Well, it certainly isn’t going make me rich (did that already), the opposite is true, it seems to be costing me but that’s okay, for now, I can afford it. Besides giving you useful information on how to save money, get out out of debt or enlighten you in any other way related to Personal Finance, I’m hoping I can inspire some of you to do the same I did. Take control of your finances and create wealth. The American Dream is not dead, take it from this Dutchman.

This blog and maybe my book may get you there a little faster. What I write about is all personal experience. When I write about how to save on your cable it’s because we saved $700 on our cable bill (not because I heard about it on Penny Hoarder). While executing our plan we managed to save over $20,000 annually and today I’m still finding ways to save more. That is what I try to write about.

Am I instructing you to give up meat and stick with Ramen Noodles only? No I’m not, I’m not a firm believer in living in poverty to reach some level of wealth. I believe in luxury in moderation.

Am I to offer you ways to get rich fast? No, I don’t believe in that either. This is not some get rich fast scheme. As a matter of fact, other than my book (and you can buy it or not) I don’t try to sell you anything. Our plan to wealth spanned over 13 years and for some of you it may take even longer. It all depends on what goals you set for yourself.

As you go through the blog you’ll eventually bump into the 5 keys to building wealth. These are the core principles/keys we applied to our building wealth. Almost every post on this blog relates to one or more of the 5 keys:


  • Start early
  • Set a goal and create a plan
  • Live below your means
  • Invest wisely
  • Be patient and stay the course


Simple enough right? Well in all fairness, it is. If you’ve made it this far, and you would like to see some actual content applied to the 5 keys, look around, if you like what you see feel free to subscribe. If you’re really interested check out my book which is available in paperback and eBook.

If you’re ready for more, why not jump over to the 5 keys to building wealth and go on from there.

If you have your own thoughts on some the items you see please feel free to comment and I will take to time to reply to any questions you have.

So there is no confusion, the following disclaimer:

  • I am not a licensed financial adviser.
  • All information in the book and blog are my opinions and are here for informational or educational purposes. They are neither  legal nor financial advise.
  • before embarking on any financial strategy or investment strategy do your own due diligence and research on the matter. Talk to a licensed financial adviser.



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